Notes for Riders

Race8-21The following rules are general across all events:

  • Races are run under British Cycling Rules and the direction of British Cycling Commissaires, who’s directions must be followed at all times.
  • No helmet / no licence / no ride. Non-license holders may only compete on payment of a Day License fee, as detailed on the British Cycling website. Such participants are strongly urged to purchase British Cycling Race Silver membership as a minimum.
  • If you are unable to ride, please notify the organiser in advance.
  • Junior gear restrictions will be checked in accordance with British Cycling rules.
  • The Highway Code and rules of the road must be observed at all times. Keep to the left of central markings, especially on bridges, and be aware of oncoming traffic.
  • No swearing, no littering. Refrain from throwing your energy gel packets etc. on the course; you will be disqualified if you are reported as having done so.
  • Complaints must be raised with the organiser within 24 hours of the race.

Event and Series Prizes:

  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 placings after each event. These will be presented at the race HQ.
  • An individual series classification will be posted on this site when available. It will be based on the totals of BC points accumulated by each rider throughout the series.
  • Series prizes will be awarded after the final race of the series.
  • Teams and clubs will also accumulate a points total based on the BC points accumulated by all of their riders, with a shield being presented to the winning team or club at the final race of the series.

Event procedures:

  • It is suggested that you ride around the circuit before race day to familiarise yourself with corners, pot holes, etc.
  • Please park in the HQ car park (where available) or considerately on local roads away from the circuit, and advise any spectators who take cars to the finish area to park well clear of the road.
  • You will need to sign on at least 15 minutes prior to the advertised start of the race. Reserves and ‘on the day’ entries will be confirmed at close of sign on. Please check emergency contact details are recorded correctly and sign both sheets.
  • Both race numbers should be securely fixed to clothing as directed.
  • There will be a briefing outside the HQ 10 minutes before the race.
  • The race convoy shall consist of three leading vehicles and a following vehicle, plus a First Aid vehicle. If you fall behind the following vehicle, traffic will not be held for you at junctions.
  • Where the race HQ is not on the circuit, you will follow the lead cars from the HQ to the circuit at neutralised pace. The horn will be sounded to signal the commencement of racing when it is safe.
  • At the conclusion of the race, please watch out for traffic after crossing the finish line and please show consideration to riders still competing.
  • After the race, please return to race HQ to return your numbers and collect your license (and perhaps even your prize!).
  • In some cases there will be a coffee van at the Event HQ selling hot and cold
    drinks, cakes and other refreshments.

Please note that in order to gain approval from police and highways authority we have had to arrange professional traffic management for all events in this series. This will be provided by Community TM Ltd who are providing their services on a transparent and affordable basis.