Notes for Residents

Race5-88We hope you enjoy the excitement of a cycle race passing through your village or past your driveway. We do understand, however, that you are entitled to use your local roads. Each of the races in the series has been arranged in full consultation with both highways and police authorities. Races are timed to take place once most people have arrived home from work, but are held in daylight to maximise safety.

Roads will remain open during the race, except at junctions where professional traffic management staff will be on hand to ensure the safety of riders and residents alike. They will close the road as the race approaches, and re-open it when safe to do so. Usually this results in a minute or two wait at most. Races will last around 90 minutes, covering a number of laps of the race route. Riders will be accompanied by lead and follow cars with roof-mounted signs.

We would ask you to:

  • Observe the requests of volunteer marshals and professional traffic management, who should hold you for only the minimum time needed for the race to pass.
  • Slow down if you encounter oncoming event cars and riders, and if possible ‘pull-in’ to give the race plenty of room. Never attempt to overtake a race convoy.
  • Be aware that a race may ‘split’, meaning another group of cyclists may follow a few moments after the first.
  • Strongly consider moving parked cars off the race route to minimise disruption.
  • In the unlikely event you witness bad behaviour, address this to the race HQ after the race, and please do not distract marshals or traffic management whilst the race is in progress.

Naturally, you are more than welcome to spectate, photograph and even cheer the race on as it passes. Please take care and stand back from the edge of the pavement or verge. When the race isn’t passing, a marshal will happily direct you to the finish line if you want to watch the final sprint (recommended viewing).