NYERRL Returns

It has been a month since the last race, but we’re back!

After a flash monsoon of biblical proportions shortly before the start of NYERRL #6 forced the Commissaires to make the tough, but correct call to cancel the first edition of the Brandsby Bank circuit, we return on Thursday 20th with another race around the rolling Kirby Misperton circuit. With only two races remaining in the 2017 NYERRL calendar, herewith a timely reminder of the current individual and team standings:

Individual Standings:

1. Jimmy Parvin – 33
2. Chris Wilson – 28
3. Jonathan Apaloo – 22
4. Jamie Tweddell – 18
5. Manuel Agudo – 15

Team Standings:

1. Prologue RT – 40
2. FTR Milltag – 39
3. Valley Striders – 28
4. VC York – 22
5. All TerrainCycles Ride in Peace – 16

Chris Wilson sprints to Milby win at NYERRL #5

On a fast and flowing circuit, it was always likely that Moonglu’s second event in their debut organising season for the NYERRL League was going to result in a bunch kick, and so it proved. Chris Wilson (Valley Striders) powered his way to another mass sprint victory (his second of the year) and added to his League tally, securing his promotion to 2nd Cat in the process. Joshua Ferguson (Newcastle Cheviot CC) and Lewis Jackson (Wold Top) rounded up the podium.

Though it came down to the inevitable bunch sprint, many riders tried to get away and at times it looked possible that the likely sprint would be challenged. Hayden Allen (Albarosa) tried twice to get away, and though his gap grew to circa 20 seconds, he never looked likely to fend off a strong field intent on keeping him in sight. Daniel McDermott (FTR) was also off the front for a few minutes in the middle of the race, but suffered similar frustrations. Jimmy Parvin, buoyed after his win in the last round, was always active near the front, together with Tom Whalley (Buxton CC), and their efforts finally brought back the biggest gap of the evening, shutting down one of the two riders wearing classic Peugeot Cycling kit in the last half lap.

In the sprint, it was Wilson who dominated and looked untouchable. Another solid result from Parvin (5th) increased his lead in the individual standings, and despite the absence of his Team mate, seasoned veteran Matthew Mannakee, his points haul also extended Prologue’s lead in the Team standings. Full results as follows:

  1. Chris Wilson (Valley Striders CC)
  2. Joshua Ferguson (Newcastle Cheviot CC)
  3. Lewis Jackson (Wold Top Actif RT)
  4. Toby Jarvis
  5. Jimmy Parvin (Prologue Racing Team)
  6. Jonathan Apaloo (VC York)
  7. Chris Kirby (Cappuccino Cycling Club)
  8. Daniel McDermott (FTR Milltag)
  9. Joseph Wilkinson (FTR Milltag)
  10. Daryl Maffey (Yh Training Scarborough RC)

Current Team Standings as follows:

1. Prologue RT – 40
2. FTR Milltag – 39
3. Valley Striders – 28
4. VC York – 22
5. All TerrainCycles Ride in Peace – 16
6. South Shields Velo Cycling Club – 15
7. Adept Precision RT/NE Healthcare – 12
8. Newcastle Cheviot – 12
9. Ilkley Cycling Club – 12
10. Albarosa Cycling Club – 11

Current Individual Standings as follows:

1. Jimmy Parvin – 33
2. Chris Wilson – 28
3. Jonathan Apaloo – 22
4. Jamie Tweddell – 18
5. Manuel Agudo – 15

Next up – a hill top finish at the summit of Brandsby Bank, see you there!


Jimmy Parvin wins at Flamingo Land

Prologue’s Jimmy Parvin took a very well earned win on a wet and wild evening at Kirby Misperton at NYERRL #4.

Jimmy was active from the start, soloing off the front early to spend one lap on his own a couple of hundred meters up the road. With very wet conditions, the field whittled down fast and by the time it came back together only circa 30 were left. With one lap to go, Jimmy again attacked off the front with Matthew Burt (Leeds Uni Cycling) and Joe Wilkinson (FTR Milltag) and they built a healthy gap. Joe eventually dropped back to the pack with a couple of miles to go and his team mate Daniel McDermott went immediately on the offence bridging solo to the front two. These three stayed away from a fast chasing pack to claim the podium. The sprint behind was won by Chris Wilson (VSCC), ahead of Chris Hoole (FTR Milltag) and Scott Wilson (Manilla RT). The results see Jimmy take the lead in the individual competition (27 points), 7 ahead of his closest competition. Prologue RT Team Mate, seasoned veteran Matthew Mannakee, was unable to add to their points tally as one of a few riders who were forced to an early ‘bath’ from an unfortunate puncture.


1. Jimmy Parvin (Prologue RT)
2. Matthew Burt (Leeds Uni Cycling)
3. Daniel McDermott (FTR Milltag)
4. Chris Wilson (VSCC)
5. Chris Hoole (FTR Milltag)
6. Thomas Dickinson (Clifton CC)
7. Jonathan Harvey (Doncaster Whls CC)
8. Scott Wilson (Mannilla RT)
9. Phil Shackleton (Ingear Naughtone)
10. Jamie Tweddell (FTR Milltag)

Provisional Team Standings after Race #4:

1. FTR Milltag – 34
2. Prologue RT – 34
3. VC York – 17
4. All TerrainCycles Ride in Peace – 16
5. South Shields Velo Cycling Club – 15
6. Valley Striders – 13
7. Adept Precision RT/NE Healthcare – 12
8. Ilkley Cycling Club – 12
9. Albarosa Cycling Club – 11
10. Macclesfield Wheelers – 10

Prologue take early lead in the Team competition!

After three rounds of the 2017 NYERRL it’s all to play for in both the Team and the Individual League competitions. In previous years the Team competition has been very one-sided, but after three of the scheduled eight rounds complete, no-one has yet emerged as a clear favourite. With Jimmy Parvin’s second place at Round Three, and back-to-back top tens from seasoned veteran Matt Mannakee, Prologue RT are in the driving seat going into Flamingo Land. But snapping at their heels are All Terrain Cycling, VC York (boosted by Jonathan Apaloo’s fine win last week) and defending Champions FTR Milltag, with a number of other Teams also within striking distance including host club Ilkley CC and Alba Rosa. Herewith the current Team standings:

Prologue Racing Team 19
FTR Milltag 17
VC York 17
All Terrain Cycles Ride In Peace 16
South Shields Velo Cycling Club 15
Adept Precision RT/NE Healthcare 12
Ilkley Cycling Club 12
Albarosa Cycling Club 11
Macclesfield Wheelers 10
Hull Thursday RC 10
GC Creazzo 8
Doncaster Whls CC 8
Performance Cycles 8
Pedalsport 6
Moonglu CC 5
Chris Wilson 5
PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT 5
University of Sheffield CC 4
Leeds University Cycling Club 3
Harrogate Nova CC 3
Identity Racing 2
Geared Up RT 1
Harrogate Nova CC 1

In the Individual competition, it’s a similar story with no clear leader emerging after three hotly contested opening rounds. Tied at the top are Jonathan Apaloo and Jamie Tweddell, but several riders are within touching distance and with the strength in depth on show thus far, it seems very likely that Flamingo Land will shake this up further. The current Individual standings are as follows:

Jonathan Apaloo 17
Jamie Tweddell 17
Manuel Maestra Agudo 15
Jimmy Parvin 12
Nick Rowland 12
Richard Kelt 12
Ben Greenwood 10
Julian Roche 10
Lee Coulson 10
Ben Harmer 8
Jonathan Harvey 8
Jack Thompson 8
Peter Boyd 7
Matthew Mannakee 7
Alex Hutchinson 6
Andy Cunningham 6
Chris Wilson 5
Ben Mewes 5
Joe Howcroft 5
Matt Grimshaw 4
Daniel Collier 4
Matthew Burt 3
Ben I’Anson 3
Ash Coning 2
Thomas Davison 1
Matthew Dalby 1

Next up, Malton CC‘s entry at Kirby Misperton. See you there!

Round 3 – Sprint win for Jonathan Apaloo

Jonathan Apaloo took the uphill sprint at Sheriff Hutton to take victory in the third round of the series. Sprint finish on YouTube.
1. Jonathan Apaloo (VC York)
2. Jimmy Parvin (Prologue RT)
3. Ben Greenwood (Macclesfield Wheelers)
4. Ben Harmer (GS Creazzo)
5. Alex Hutchinson (Pedalsport Cycling Club)
6. Chris Wilson (Valley Striders Cycling Club)
7. Matt Grimshaw (albaRosa Cycling Club)
8. Matthew Burt (Leeds University Cycling Club)
9. Jamie Tweddel (FTR)
10. Matt Manakee (Prologue RT)

Jonathan Apaloo

Round 2 result

52 riders contested round#2 on the Milby circuit near Boroughbridge. In a bunch sprint, the victory was taken by Manuel Maestro Agudo (South Shields Velo CC)

  1. Manuel Maestro Agudo (South Shields Velo CC)
  2. Nick Rowland (Adept Precision RT/NE Healthcare)
  3. Lee Coulson (Hull Thursday RC)
  4. Jonathan Harvey (Doncaster Wheelers)
  5. Mat Mannakee (Prologue Racing Team)
  6. Ben Mewes (MoongluCC) [J]
  7. Peter Boyd (Albarosa CC)
  8. Ben I’Anson (Harrogate Nova) [U23]
  9. Ash Coning (Identity Racing) [J]
  10. Thomas Davison (Geared Up RT)
  11. Alexander Hutchinson (Pedalsport CC)

Jamie Tweddell wins opening round

Jamie Tweddell (FTR Milltag) timed his uphill sprint to perfection to win the opening round of the North Yorkshire Evening Road Race League contested by a full field of 70 riders in testing conditions on the Penny Pot Lane circuit. In an echo of the grim weather experienced last year, the riders faced a cold NE wind and intermittent wintry showers during 2¾ laps of the exposed 11 mile circuit that climbs to 790 feet at the line.
The peloton rolled out neutralised to descend Pot Bank, but there was no time for riders to settle in, as the pressure went on as soon as the bunch turned on to Penny Pot Lane. This caused immediate difficulties for some, with dropped riders starting to get tailed off through the race convoy. By the 5 mile mark, eight riders were already off the pace. At the front, there was the invidious choice between a slightly smoother ride but more exposure to the wind, or trying for shelter on the left and needing cyclo-cross skills to keep safe through the minefield of pot holes. There was a lot of pressure being applied, with Will Staveley & Daniel Collier prominent in the action. Collier riding in only his first race on the open road that would see him take 7th at the finish.
The first climb to the line at Little Alms Cliff up Broad Dubb Road saw Joe Howcroft (PH-MAS) take the prime, with the pace over the top causing echelons to form on the high speed run down Norwood Lane back to the start point in Beckwithshaw. The wind was spreading the field across the road and the Commissaires almost reached the point of halting the race due to safety concerns with on-coming traffic. Splits soon formed and at the time, there seemed no way back for the lads finding themselves off the back. The second time along Penny Pot was another stern test with the field again having to cope with the wind and poor road surface. At times the bunch was spread across the width of the road as riders fought the conditions. A three man break formed, with Ilkley CC’s Doug Hart, Kyle Bibby and Maciej Wontorowski but they were recaptured, with the bunch back together for the speedy bends prior to the pull past the Sun Inn. Here the pack again fanned out over the white line and Commissaire Kevin Brown stopped the race outside Norwood village hall for just over 5 minutes for a road safety reminder. This let some of the previously distanced riders re-join the race, which looked like a mixed blessing for some, who later confessed to having been preparing to climb off next time past the HQ..
The stationary riders were rapidly getting chilled, and after the restart, Alex Hutchinson fared best on the climb to the line to take the second prime. Through Beckwithshaw, Robert Mochrie (Blackwell Velo) was at the head of affairs and pressed on through the descent of Pot Bank and on to Penny Pot for the final time. Rob Ormrod (Ilkley CC) had taken off in pursuit through the Pot Bank dip and he and Mochrie would remain clear until after Norwood village. Hayden Allen (ARCC) was leading the charge behind and the pace was full-on as the race took the left turn at Bland Hill with the elastic stretching to snapping point for many who had got this far in the main field. Mochri, Allen & Ormrod were all brought back as the head of the pack lined up for the finish. Andy Cunningham had spent most of the race keeping an eye on affairs from his customary spot in the last half-dozen places, but with the chequered flag in view he put in a powerful acceleration up the outside, taking Julian Roche and Jamie Tweddell with him. There was a strong challenge from Richard Kelt (Ilkley CC), who came within 5m of the win, and Jack Thompson (Performance Cycles) but Tweddell had enough in the tank to take the victory and the series lead into the next round on the Milby-Cundall circuit. Under the pressure of the final charge to the line, there were only around 25 riders remaining in the front group that contested the uphill sprint.

1. Jamie Tweddell (FTR Milltag)
2. Richard Kelt (Ilkley CC)
3. Julian Roche (All Terrain Cycles Ride In Peace)
4. Jack Thompson (Performance Cycles)
5. Andy Cunningham (All Terrain Cycles Ride In Peace)
6. Joe Howcroft (PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT)
7. Daniel Collier (University of Sheffield CC)
8. Peter Boyd (Albarosa CC)
9. Jonathon Apaloo (VC York)
10. Matthew Dolby (Harrogate Nova CC)

Sharp wins on Yearsley, Emsley takes title

The 2015 league finale saw the breakaway stay away. Jamie Sharp (Feather Cycles) took 3 other riders with him, and he and Fraser Rounds eventually broke free to contest the finish on top of Yearsley Moor. Back in the bunch, Julian Pearce of Team Shield winners Albarosa led Chris Emsley (All Terrain Cycles) across the line, giving the latter sufficient points to claim the 2015 North Yorkshire Evening Road Race League title. Check out Craig Z’s photo album here.


  1. Jamie Sharp (Feather Cycles)
  2. Fraser Rounds (ChevinCycles.com Trek)
  3. Tim Jones (Cycle Sport Pendle)
  4. Dovydas Cipkus
  5. Julian Pearce (Albarosa CC)
  6. Chris Emsley (All Terrain Cycles)
  7. Alisdair Burns (Crosstrax)
  8. Charles Bayley (Gosforth RC)
  9. Nick Guest (Albarosa CC)
  10. Graham Morgan (Hull Thursday RC)

Overall Standings (Top 10):

  1. Chris Emsley (All Terrain Cycles) 28pts
  2. Bob Hewitt (YH Training Scarborough RC) 27pts
  3. Lee Morley (Ilkley CC) 27pts
  4. Eugene Cross (Clifton CC) 24pts
  5. Nick Guest (Albarosa CC) 22pts
  6. Matthew Mannakee (Prologue RT) 20pts
  7. Paul Summers (Ingear Coaching Biemme) 19pts
  8. Julian Pearce (Albarosa CC) 18pts
  9. James Harris (Featherstone RC) 17pts
  10. Max McMurdo (Team Vertex) 17pts

Team Shield (Top 10):

  1. Albarosa CC – 94pts
  2. Ilkley CC – 52pts
  3. Clifton CC – 52pts
  4. YH Training Scarborough RC – 40pts
  5. Hull Thursday RC – 29pts
  6. All Terrain Cycles – 28pts
  7. Team Vertex – 26pts
  8. Ingear Cycling Biemme – 22pts
  9. Prologue RT – 20pts
  10. Knottingley Velo – 20pts

Finalised results will appear on the Standings page in due course. Those awaiting league prizes (top 10) will receive them by post.

Parvin win increases Albarosa lead

Round 7 at Kirby Misperton saw another Albarosa rider take a win. Jimmy Parvin rode home ahead of Nicola Cecchet, the highest achievement by any woman in the league. Clifton’s 14 point haul puts them level with Ilkley, who failed to score, but leaves both a long way short of Alba Rosa’s runaway total of 86. Hewitt and Morley stay tied at the top of the table going into the final round.

  1. Jimmy Parvin (Albarosa CC)
  2. Nicola Cecchet (none)
  3. James Harris (Featherstone RC)
  4. Ed Brown (Clifton CC)
  5. Max McMurdo (Team Vertex)
  6. Ian Parkin (YH Training Scarborough RC)
  7. Cameron Brooks (Clifton CC)
  8. Pete Roebuck (YH Training Scarborough RC)
  9. Richard Douthwaite (Clifton CC)
  10. David Price (Chorlton Velo)

Individual Top 10 after round 7:

Position Name Club Total
1 Bob Hewitt YH Training Scarborough 27
2 Lee Morley Ilkley CC 27
3 Eugene Cross Clifton CC 24
4 Chris Emsley All Terrain Cycles 23
5 Nick Guest Albarosa CC 20
6 Matthew Mannakee Prologue RT 20
7 Paul Summers Ingear Coaching 19
8 James Harris Featherstone RC 17
9 Max McMurdo Team Vertex 17
10 Ed Brown Clifton CC 16

Team Top 10 after round 7:

Position Club Total
1 Albarosa CC 86
2 Ilkley CC 52
3 Clifton CC 52
4 YH Training Scarborough 40
5 Hull Thursday RC 28
6 Team Vertex 26
7 All Terrain Cycles 23
8 Ingear Coaching Biemme 22
9 Prologue RT 20
10 Knottingley Velo 20