The 2017 Series draws to a close

The 2017 NYERRL Series concluded with a bruising race finishing up the summit of Brandsby Bank. Upgraded to a 2/3/4 the usual suspects were joined by a strong accompaniment of 2nd Category riders. With both the League Title, and the Individual Title at stake, this race had an interesting sub-plot, which played out as expected. With both Prologue and FTR Milltag largely cancelling each other out, a few riders – especially those who suffer from the occasional dose of “The Freddies” – can be excused for viewing such negative tactics as neutralising. However, for the smarter opportunists, the race dynamic provided a rare open-goal for anyone with the legs and willingness to throw the dice.

Several early attacks from FTR Milltag riders were brought back bullishly by Prologue, with Dylan Flesher providing a much needed extra team mate for the Individual Series leader Jimmy Parvin and their DS, the evergreen seasoned veteran Matt Mannakee. After one of the many attacks and counters that epitomised the first couple of laps, Dean Wattson (ClayCrossRT) took advantage of the following lull clipping off the front while the main protagonists settled and recharged. Eugene Cross (KTM) reacted smartly and followed, and the two of them weren’t to be seen again until the finish.

The second half of the race followed a similar pattern with FTR Milltag carrying out an obvious game plan to optimise their numerical advantage and tire the legs of their Prologue rivals for the final summit finish. While most of the pack seemed happy sitting in and following the ebb and flow, there were a few riders from other teams lively contributing at the front; Ash Conning (Identity Racing), winner of the previous round, and Julian Roche (ATC) both notably active. One of the 2nd Cat entries, Freddie Jagger (Cycleways-SG), attacked solo with a few miles remaining but with FTR’s Chris Hoole (winner of “Best Looking Rider” at HQ) off the front on the approach to Brandsby, the pace inevitably increased with Dylan and Matt (Prologue) effectively ending their races to bring it back together. As the pack closed in on Brandsby Bank, it was an opportunity for the riders who had so far enjoyed a free tow to stretch their legs, and to compete for the remaining 8 places. Meanwhile, Jimmy from Prologue just finished ahead of Daniel McDermott from FTR Milltag near the front to secure the result he and the Team needed to claim the overall prizes. Up the road, Eugene Cross had taken the win from Dean Wattson, with Toby Jarvis (unaffiliated) rounding up the podium winning the bunch “sprint”.

Congratulations to Prologue for securing the League Title, and to their rider Jimmy Parvin who just edged out Series ever-present Jonathan Apaloo in the Individual Standings. Thanks to everyone for their support, and see you in 2018!

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