2017 Series set for an Epic Finale

Round 7 of NYERRL was a very tactical affair with the two leading teams of the series so far (Prologue and FTR Milltag) cancelling each other out, opening the door for an excellent solo win for Ash Conning (Identity Racing), and a well taken bunch sprint for Dan Jay Webster (Ilkley Cycling Club), ahead of recently promoted 2nd Cat Chris Wilson (Valley Striders), and consistent placers in the league this year Jonathan Apaloo and Scott Wilson rounding up the top five. The race saw FTR Milltag looking to be aggressive from the start with Jamie Tweddell, Julian Pearce, and Dan McDermott all off the front in the first lap. But their efforts were well marshalled by Prologue’s Jimmy Parvin (the individual series leader) and seasoned veteran Matt Mannakee. With a lap remaining, Ash Conning took advantage clipping off the front of a pack with no motivation to chase for a very well held victory.

Going into the final round (a 2/3/4 on the Brandsby Bank circuit), both the Team and the Individual titles are in the balance. The standings as follows:

Individual Standings:

1. Jimmy Parvin – 33
2. Jonathan Apaloo – 30
3. Chris Wilson – 28
4. Jamie Tweddell – 18
5. Manuel Agudo – 15

Team Standings:

1. Prologue RT – 40
2. FTR Milltag – 39
3. VC York – 30
4. Valley Striders – 28
5. Ilkley Cycling Club – 24

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