NYERRL Returns

It has been a month since the last race, but we’re back!

After a flash monsoon of biblical proportions shortly before the start of NYERRL #6 forced the Commissaires to make the tough, but correct call to cancel the first edition of the Brandsby Bank circuit, we return on Thursday 20th with another race around the rolling Kirby Misperton circuit. With only two races remaining in the 2017 NYERRL calendar, herewith a timely reminder of the current individual and team standings:

Individual Standings:

1. Jimmy Parvin – 33
2. Chris Wilson – 28
3. Jonathan Apaloo – 22
4. Jamie Tweddell – 18
5. Manuel Agudo – 15

Team Standings:

1. Prologue RT – 40
2. FTR Milltag – 39
3. Valley Striders – 28
4. VC York – 22
5. All TerrainCycles Ride in Peace – 16

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